The Goshutes: Did You Know

  • The word Goshute (Gosuite) is derived from the native word Kutsipiuti (Gutsipiuti) which means "desert people."
  • Goshutes live and thrive on one of the most arid climates on the continent.
  • The harsh desert conditions in which they live helped isolate the Goshutes from European settlers. Contact came much later for them than other Utah tribes.
  • In reality there are two Goshute tribes that reside within Utah; the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation located in Ibapah and the Skull Valley Tribe located 60 miles south of Wendover in the west desert.
  • As of February 2009, there are 500 Goshute Indians left. There were once as many as 20,000.
  • The Goshutes knew and used at least 81 different species. This includes: 47 different types of seeds, 12 different berries, 8 roots, and many others.

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