Did you Know: The Shoshone

  • The Northwestern Shoshone have the smallest reservation in Utah, consisting of only 187 acres.
  • When white settlers first arrived in Utah, they mistakenly called the Northwestern Shoshone Weber Utes, assuming them to be part of the Ute tribe.
  • Experts claim that the Northwestern Shoshone were the most ecologically efficient and well adapted Indians of the American West.
  • The Northwestern Shoshone are tapping the resources in their ancient ancestral lands to harness geothermal energy that will benefit society and the environment.
  • The Northwestern Shoshone have an incredibly strong oral tradition. Since they kept no written record, their history was passed from generation to generation; stories and tribal histories were memorized by young people.
  • The Northwestern Shoshone have two tribal headquarters: one in Pocatello, Idaho and the other in Brigham City, Utah.
  • The Northwestern Shoshone were called So-so-goi in their native language, meaning “those who travel on foot.”

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